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Remus/Sirius, one of them works the 4th meal shift at the Taco Bell drive in


i’m so glad about this holy shit it made me laugh so hard at work, im going over the three sentencel imit, idc.

sirius squints at the driver in the car through the drive thru window and frowns; he is holding a bag with three tacos, a nacho bellgrande, two caramel apple empanadas, and a crunchwrap supreme, so he asks, unabashedly, “all of this is yours?”

"um," the driver says. his hair is curly and messy and when the wind blows, suddenly, sirius can smell the leftovers of the joint that was just finished, and understands, so the driver merely continues, "can i get, uh, fire sauce - like as much as you can give me - like so much that - just, a lot."

"oh my god," sirius says, laughing. "i - yes, okay. a lot." he turns away, and finds that when he’s gathered what by his definition is ‘a lot’ of sauce, the guy in the car is still staring at him. "so uh - are you okay?"

"how long is your hair?" is the abrupt reply, causing sirius to instinctively reach up and make sure his hat it on straight and his bun hasn’t fallen.

"oh - i don’t know? long?" this is the most bizarre conversation. the headset is still beeping in his ear and he ignores it.

"i like it."

"i’m wearing a hat," sirius says with a snort. "here is your food - " sirius hands him one bag, which the other guy takes " - and your sauce."

"wait!" the driver says, loud enough that sirius is startled, and puts a hand on his wrist still in the process of trying to give this poor stoned child his  sauce. "i really like it. my name is remus. like - it looks good, in the bun."

sirius’s lips curl into a half smile, and he leans a little further out the window. remus’s hand on his wrist is warm and his fingers are calloused. “are you trying to hit on me in a drive through, remus?”

"i - yes, probably."

"well, you’re doing a piss poor job of it," sirius replies, cheerfully. "take your sauce and come back round in an hour and try again, hm?"

and so remus does.

((why is this happenign to me, why did i do this))

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Hey guys ! I said I would post each card separately and I thought you might like to see them ! The printable pdf is still available, and will be for at least one month, to the price of $5 !

If you want one, please send an email to’ll probably upload it on my society6 account as well !

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Pheew ! I’m so happy to be done with this ! So I couldn’t help myself and drew some more Teddy/Victoire..

I like to think that being raised with Harry, Teddy automatically tags along with the great tradition of Weasley gatherings, so he goes to Fleur & Bill’s house pretty often. okay. Maybe a little too often.

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ok internet, here’s an interruption in your daily rugged white dude dashboard.

this is cykeem white:


cykeem is an up and coming male model who (i believe) just participated in his first fashion week. he is insanely beautiful.







i highly recommend you all join me in keeping a close eye in his career trajectory, because he’s an extremely talented model, and he is, imo, shockingly beautiful. everyone likes shockingly beautiful men, right? right.