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Your post about Remus and Harry just had me sobbing and oh my god thank you so much for writing it because I felt like I was the only person who thought this was so damn unfair, and then after all that Harry yells at him and he just takes it and he agrees and he makes Harry Teddy's godfather and then he dies and Harry doesn't even name a kid after him and ugh, it just breaks my heart. It just breaks my freaking heart.









That bit in deathly hallows was probably the worst thing to ever happen to me i can’t even think about it without wanting to crawl into bed and never get up, remus lupin makes me miserable 

because he thinks that his child will be better off without him which following that headcanon could’ve stemmed from the way Harry really doesn’t feel any strong attachment to him

And then in DH when they’re arguing:

“‘Remus!’ whispered Hermione, tears in her eyes. ‘Don’t say that—how could any child be ashamed of you?’

'Oh, I don't know, Hermione,' said Harry. 'I'd be pretty ashamed of him.'


Lupin looked as though Harry had hit him.”

i’m so sad

Honestly I hate that Harry never even properly apologized for that and I just feel like he didn’t appreciate Remus at all. I mean he calls him by his last name the entire time, even though Remus is practically his second godfather.

I cry really easily, but that has made me cry myself to sleep on multiple occasions.

SO sad.

YES and Remus just lets him. People get mad about how Remus is often spineless in marauder era fics but honestly, that’s how he is in canon.

" ‘Yes—yes—a boy,’ said Lupin again, who seemed dazed by his own happiness. He strode around the table and hugged Harry; the scene in the basement of Grimmauld Place might never have happened.

'You'll be godfather?' he said as he released Harry.

'M-me?' stammered Harry.

'You, yes, of course…'”

Like I dunno, you can just really tell that Harry means a lot more to Remus than Remus means to Harry and it’s kinda like. Harry doesn’t really feel all too much for Remus. He’s v impersonal with him like you said AND he’s shocked when Remus asks him to be Teddy’s godfather. He experiences a little bit of remorse for how he treated Remus but I don’t think he fully understood how much it probably hurt him.

Well, I wouldn’t call him spineless, because the way I see it, Remus doesn’t think he’s worthy of love and that keeps him from sticking up for himself from the people he cares for because he thinks that it’s better for him to be the person they need him to be rather than risk losing them. 

Of course Remus cares more for Harry than Harry does for him, because Harry can be really oblivious and I don’t think he ever really realized just how involved Remus would have been in his life if James and Lily had lived. Like, he would have been just as close to Remus as he would to Sirius, and it kills me that he doesn’t realize that. 

My theory about the way Harry treats Remus in DH is that he doesn’t WANT to see Remus as someone close to him. He’s just lost Sirius AND Dumbledore, the only semblances of father figures in his life. Subconsciously, if he starts seeing Remus as a father figure, Remus would end up not being there for him. 

Harry doesn’t not care about him, Harry CAN’T care about him. 

(And that’s the most heartbreaking part of all).

are you kidding me you made it even sadder than i thought was possible

I think it’s more a lack of deep thought process/ability to understand others and put himself in their place prior to DH but yeah, he does start to act defiant towards anyone who might become a parental/guiding figure in his life (not just Lupin— Aberforth, Bill a little bit in Shell Cottage, even Xenophilius Lovegood.) He starts to reject all adults he meets right off the bat.